Introducing POSTHUMAN

a cutting edge Kontakt instrument for creating evocative, cinematic, and surreal pads and textures that evolve over time.

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POSTHUMAN Patch Preview


I gotta say it's incredible. The sounds and textures are absolutely gorgeous, this is my new Pad machine!

Richard Devine (composer/sound designer)

Posthuman is beautifully designed and immediately inspiring. I wrote the basis of what would become a very important track to me within 5 minutes of using it for the first time.

Matt Lange (artist/producer)

this library has become an integral part of my palette now... hands down the most emotive, creative and functional collection of sounds presented in a perfectly intuitive and accessible way. It effortlessly adds a unique and inspired sonic character to any cue or track!

Adam Lastiwka (composer)

Posthuman is probably one of the most useful things I got to use, and on top of that, it’s a very unique instrument. You get wonderful drones and ambiences in a matter of seconds, right at your fingertips. I’ll use it a lot in my future music. One of the best Kontakt libs I have in my arsenal and I have many!

Airwave (artist/producer)

I’ll take a sampler filled with Trifonic’s sounds in a heartbeat. Really grateful that he’s sharing the wealth.

Benjamin Wynn aka Deru (artist/composer)

Sooooo.... I just sold a track to Lincoln that has Posthuman all over it!

Graham M. (user)